We're a Crafts-Based Digital Studio.


How We Deliver.

Umbrage is a crafts-based studio focused on designing, developing and delivering. We are the product of many combined years in the enterprise software business with a new take on empowering products with AI technology. At our core, Umbrage delivers AI empowered software, but more than that, we’re cultivating culture within our client’s organizations.


Crafts, Not Titles

Equal respect for both our individual and collective crafts and an equal voice at the table — all our energy and focus goes exactly where it should: Your Product.


Share Freely, Share Often

Sharing best practices and methods throughout the entire process, we teach your internal development team the kind of product-minded thinking they need to keep iterating and optimizing.


A Candid Partnership

We approach your business and the work as your strategic partner to build and adjust for the best and most efficient results. We owe it to each other to speak up and solve problems together.


With Clear Eyes & Full Hearts

We leave past biases and canned solutions at the door. Umbrage gives every new project the fresh eyes and care it deserves.


Diligence Before Development

From foundational definition and design exploration to "development ready" user stories and acceptance criteria, successful product development is much more than writing code.


A Focus on The Craft.

Umbrage has become successful by focusing on our crafts. These are the folks that make up our teams and deliver your products.


Quality Created

& Delivered.

Our vision of the possible starts with delivering value today. We know technology doesn't just augment your business — it’s the foundation of your continued success.

Product Management

With an eagle-eyed view of your greater goals, we ensure a user-first approach to your product suite that delivers on to the needs of your organization, your team, and your customers.

UX / UI Design

We conceive and create experiences that immerse enterprise users increasing their productivity through a combination of utility, creativity, and an obsession for real-world results.

Native Platform Development

Creating unique solutions for native platforms is part of a holistic approach. Our team delivers the expertise necessary for the individual platforms while keeping a focus on your full suite of products.

Full Stack Development

A multi-platform approach to your business-critical software applications is paramount. This includes a product suite consisting of front-end and back-end web, along with multiple enterprise software solutions while leveraging the empowerment of AI.

Forging Data Science

We specialize in creating flexible AI systems using platforms like OpenAI and Azure and open source models such as Mistral and LLAMA 2. Our method involves selecting the best models for specific needs and enhancing them with tools like LangChain and LlamaIndex.

Scaling & Dev-Ops

Product development success is more than just getting your MVP out the door. We partner with you to operationalize a scalable approach for your continued success.

Empowering Long-Term Success

Software developers and their clients often build products correctly. But, are they building the right product? See how our holistic approach empowers our clients success.

Graphical representation of our process

Umbrage brings a product-first mindset that continues to influence our organization far beyond what is expected from a software vendor; helping us focus on long-term strategy while ensuring delivery on our immediate needs.

Edwin Suarez, VP & CDOSCGTS