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An optimized mobile experience is imperative to converting the customer.

We all know that mobile device optimization is essential for ecommerce success.

The proof is in the data: In 2017, global mobile retail revenue amounted to 1.36 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to reach 3.56 billion U.S. dollars in 2021., a leading provider of continuous positive airway pressure devices that help users sleep without overnight breathing interruptions, found itself needing to improve its mobile performance in order to deliver that positive experience mobile customers expect.

CPAP Device

Developed a Streamlined Customer-Centric Checkout Experience

We identified a full-featured technology stack that drastically improved the entire customer-facing ecommerce experience. We implemented several technologies and processes that emphasized customer experience.

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Delivered an Optimized Mobile Experience

By refactoring the 15-year-old website infrastructure, we were able to identify opportunities to improve the mobile performance of the website. Umbrage worked to reduce page load speeds, delivering a more responsive website and improving the checkout process.


Prepared Client Team for Ongoing Success

We shared our DevOps best practices and taught the internal team how to efficiently manage the product moving forward. The Umbrage team is continuously teaching how to shift processes and culture to ensure long-term success.

CPAP Overview

We delivered a simplified, stress-free checkout experience for customers and refactored the website’s mobile infrastructure.

Umbrage worked with leadership to determine the core obstacles standing in the way of the best possible customer experience. The company sought to improve key ecommerce statistics such as cart abandonment, bounce rate and customer support requests. We sought ways to ensure the ecommerce platform was driven by solution-oriented processes and strategic thinking on an internal level. We worked together to identify a modern technology stack that would deliver improved ecommerce performance and optimize the mobile customer experience.

Our Approach

Define & Design

Each Umbrage project kicks off utilizing a design-thinking-based approach to identifying challenges, defining the solution, and establishing a plan for execution.


One Unified, Human Front

It was essential to establish trust and synergy on a human level with the team. Umbrage craft teams deliver supportive, empathetic voices that connect them with our clients.


Bulletproof Work

We established QA sessions with the internal dev team from to make sure the product delivered on the vision and provided opportunities for future success.

Umbrage has been a great partner to rapidly scale our product features in an agile fashion.

Larry Hack,



More than doubled’s mobile performance score


Significantly reduced page load speed


Increased customer satisfaction

At Umbrage, we help our clients maximize the potential of home-grown talent, transforming existing internal work groups into efficient, product-focused teams. We're not just solving real-world problems for our clients in real time, but giving them a toolkit that empowers effective problem solving even after the project ends.

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