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As digital transformation reached far-off oil wells and drilling operations, most service companies had already created their own digital control systems. However, they were not integrated and faced significant performance issues. In an industry where decisions must be made in a split-second with potentially huge impact, Cold Bore needed a tool that was as agile as it was responsive.

Cold Bore Technology had introduced SmartPAD, “the world’s only autonomous frac completions master control system,” and uncovered initial success. But, as customer demand for new features and support grew, the company quickly found itself needing to scale product development and implement a full-service product team.

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Created an Internal Product Development Team

We introduced a product-first approach to Cold Bore. After meeting the goal of assisting with the development and rollout of a new version of its core product, Cold Bore saw the long-term value of a predictable development process and model.


Showed the Value of DevOps and DevSecOps

We rolled out new cloud and edge hosting environments that enabled SmartPAD to scale and meet customer demand. A sustainable DevOps and DevSecOps process ensured that we could meet app performance demand and manage updates and new customer implementations in real time.


Transitioned From Our Team to Their Team

Having proved the value of the Umbrage process, we partnered with a growing internal team to onboard the new hires to maintain the momentum that SmartPAD developed. Process changes were adopted as a standard on the new team.

Cold Bore Overview

Umbrage stepped in to create a team that quickly saw the value of a product-first approach.

Cold Bore reached out to Umbrage with a need to build and introduce product features that its customers were demanding. Additionally, Cold Bore needed to scale their internal infrastructure to support its rapid growth. Intertwined to these needs was also a goal to institute a predictable sprint model for its core product offering, SmartPAD. Umbrage and Cold Bore refined both the product and the process to improve speeds so that global data load had near zero latency. We also revised the UI so that distributed teams were aligned on nomenclature to streamline decision making.

Our Approach

Empathy & Understanding

Sat in on sales, support and end-user conversations to develop deep understanding of the features and challenges that the product faced.


Finding Efficiency

Defined objective based and quarterly focused roadmaps so that teams were accountable to changes. We also introduced DevOps processes to audit and improve scalability and security.


Complete Handoff

Assisted with onboarding of new internal product team to institutionalize the processes that we introduced.

The team at Umbrage coached us through our journey to build a product focused software development team.

Matt Steen, COOCold Bore Technology



Cloud-based architecture improved app performance


90% of all product work now done internally


Standardized data and infrastructure to lower latency and aid decision making

We want to help your company succeed. If we help a company transition to growing and supporting a product with an internal team, then we have accomplished the goal of our process. With the support of the Umbrage team, Cold Bore also secured outside funding to support their transition to a product company and set the team up for long-term success by focusing on product first and meeting the needs of its users.